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How to become a good GM?

For most server, GMs are the main driver of their server. You should know the right decision to avoid devastating scenario that could affect your server. In this article I will tell you the basic principle of being a good GM. Before we start, all of this are based on my experience. At the end of this article, I suggest that you leave your comment below to let us know what are the other things you do to become a good GM.

Be Polite

Always be considerate to other, it does not necessary if you are the GM it means you are always right. Try to listen to someone’s comments, that will help your server in a long run. And ofcourse you need to respect one another, because who want’s to be with a person who does not respect you right? If you are being bashed by negative comments, you have to keep your head down, nothing beats the calmest person.

Stick to the Rules

Always stick to what you have planned before you start your server, because you created a rules in a first place to avoid any unusual events to your server. Just make sure that if you are going punish someone, weigh the density of their action. If it is not that much, like spamming just give him a warning and mute him/her. If the action is severe like using 3rd party program that’s the time you take action by either suspend the account or ban it forever.

be active

Be active

Being active to your server is one of the key essential to your server, even though you are just sitting around in your main town. What it’s important is you engage all your players, talk to them, make some jokes, or if you have lots of time you can organize an event for players it will make your players happy and most important they will think that you are very active to your server. Which attracts many server seekers nowadays.

ragnarok online is a piece of cake

Know the game

It is better that you have deep knowledge about Ragnarok Online, because many players will ask certain question that relates heavily to the game. Like for an instance, when players asked you who drops a certain item. It is better that you can answer them promptly rather than pointing them to other sites just for them to search by there own. Remember, you are a GM you supposed to know every corner of your server. Another common scenario is when players asked for a certain build for a specific character. It is important that you gave them a good stat build that will ensure high efficient result for their character. If you don’t have not that deep knowledge about Ragnarok Online, I recommend that you play to other server or better yet official servers, so you can learn new things about Ragnarok Online.

Do the Event

Many players quit on a server, because of lack of activity. To avoid that kind of situation, it is highly recommend that you organize an event both online and offline. For Online, any simple event like Find the GM or Guess my Chatroom will surely boost your players morale. And for Offline, any kind of Like Contest on Facebook, or a Wallpaper contest is good thing to keep your server active outside the game. In short you have to keep in mind that you are doing this to make your server ACTIVE.

Be Ready

You need to be ready for worst. Because there’s always the time that you will encounter a player that only intend to destroy your server. You have to be ready yourself to this, because this will make or break the life of your server. The best thing you do when you encounter this kind of situation is to make a News as soon as possible because people wanted to learn what happened. After you made the News make sure that you will fix this problem.

no to personal info

Do not share your Personal Info

It is not advisable that you give your personal info to other people, although it is nice that people can contact you. But who wants to contact you even if you are in break? Right? So it is recommended that you don’t give your personal contact to your players. But of course you have to make sure that you need to be active to your server.

Broadcast your milestone

It is nice to broadcast your achievements. To your fellow players, because this will tell to your players that you have something achieved. A good example is you reached your first 50 population, or 100th Likes on your Facebook Fan Page.

Good GM

Be careful what you say

Always be careful what you are trying to say, if you made a mistake it is really hard to turn it back. Avoid saying cursed words to other as much as possible you to be polite (Like I said before).


Always be yourself, never ever make bad decision in your server. If you have doubts you can ask us by placing a comment below, or consult with your fellow GMs about your plans. And again always put in your mind that you should RESPECT your players and co-GMs. And best of all HAVE FUN!

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